Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Journey Of Curiosity in the style of Colorful Cymatics Photos, Videos, & Digital Illustrations.

Journey Of Curiosity

"The science of "Cymatics" is making sound visible through physics and photography.

Hey, I’m Jacob, a visual sound artist and photographer from New Zealand, based in Brisbane, Australia. I have been exploring Science-Art behind the name of “Journey of Curiosity” since 2017. I have a deep belief in the power of music and sound to shape our physical and mental realities and beyond. This is what inspires my passion to bring sound vibrations into visual form. With each of my Cymatic photos, I am exploring light and colour, in collaboration with the physics of sound resonance. Through my dance with the physics of vibration my mission is to share the beauty of sound as art, and to remind how magical and interconnected everything truly is. I view Cymatics as a form of alchemy, transforming matter, transforming ourselves. It hints at a deeper understanding of motion and form, and may even remind us — if we choose to see — that there is a song in everything. An offering to experience sound over matter. Energy, form and movement. A return to the flow of being. A circular dish of water is vibrated by sound frequencies. Coloured light reflections reveal the dance of surface waves. This work reveals a fundamental story, a representation of the transformative flow from chaos to order.

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