Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Rajha in the style of Colorful 2D Illustration / Digital Drawing / Painting.


Hola Whirled, my name’s Rajha

I’m a creative intuitive soul from South-East England, with family roots in North-West India. I spent a decade playing live music locally and internationally, and then some years travelling the world, before finally returning to the UK in 2019 to begin a new chapter focusing solely on healing and creating visual artworks in an attempt to make some sense of a new inner landscape. The artworks are inspired by awareness itself, as well as my interest in ancient cosmology, mythology, spirituality and sacred geometry. These graphic psychedelic yantras are my efforts to visually speak the insights and realisations received through intuition and express the energy within. I’m also drawing from experiences with meditation, plant medicines and my own investigations of Consciousness, unceasingly exploring the inner/outer sacred and mystical Whirled. The recurrence of the rainbow serpent is representative of Kundalini energy, and more directly, the awakening happening on the planet at this time. It speaks to both my personal experience, and what I feel happening in the collective. The concept of Kundalini as serpent energy sitting coiled at the base of the spine, spiraling upwards to awaken and illuminate as pure Consciousness, is one of the many meanings I’ve symbolised in the word ‘Whirled’, while ‘Wrecords’, references the Akashic library, as well as my love for music and other ideas. Together, these words with toroidal geometric patterns in the artwork iterate an understanding of the Universe as a continuous feedback loop of (spiraling) energy and (recorded) information…Or, as I’ve imagined it,

‘Whirled Wrecords'

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