Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Samuel Farrand in the style of Colorful 2D / 3D Digital Illustrations, & Animations.

Samuel Farrand

E n t e r THE V o i d

All of my creations are an attempt to illustrate the ineffable layers of consciousness as I perceive it to be. I like to start all my work off with a black background; to me it represents the space of unbound infinite potential. This space is talked about in many religious beliefs and creation myths from around the world and is what is commonly referred to as “the void” or “clear light”. When I create from this clear light it allows me to enter into a deep sacred space where I can attune to the subtle energy and vibrations of the world around us and most importantly that which is within us. Some of the dominant reoccurring themes that I enjoy creating are expressions of ancient and contemporary culture, sacred geometry, divine proportion such as Fibonacci/golden ratio, psychedelic mindscapes, spirituality, architecture, symbolism and nature. Creating in this fashion is a spiritual experience and produces the feelings of bliss, excitement, wonder and nostalgia; it is my hope as an artist that my art can help evoke the same feelings for you and also offer a similar spiritual experience.

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