Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Luis Tamani in the style of colorful amazon / nature-inspired paintings.

Luis Tamani

Hi, I am Luis Tamani, a painter from the Peruvian Amazon.

Some classify me as a visionary artist, although I am not familiar with labels. I simply feel I am an artist. What is to be an artist? It may be having the ability to transcribe an emotion, a feeling, an atmosphere; it may be the inspiration to share a vision, a dream for the future, or a memory of the past… Nature is the heart of my work. She is the Great Mother which allows us to live this magical human experience. Through my paintings, I invite you on a journey to reconnect to her ever-present mysteries. Let’s take flight to the enchanted realms where the arcanas of the wind live in harmony with the spirits of the plants, where the opening of the heart is a living transmission from generation to regeneration. A kingdom where naturally All (or Everything) is in Harmony. Welcome to a sacred creative space, where everything can exist…

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