Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Sleepr in the style of colorful 2D flat Illustrations and digital paintings.


Sleepr (b. 1988, Brisbane, Australia) uses vibrant colors, chaotic compositions and woven depth to produce dream-like imagery from personal visionary experiences.

The works produced since 2007 are inspired by similar goals of surrealism to document qualities of the hidden psyche. Instead these works document visual details of the inner and private world of direct experiences with psychedelics and their causal hallucinations. He has developed a distinct signature style that combines realism and abstraction in to promote maximum suggestion and potential - where shapes merge and dissolve from unlimited combinations of forms with hints of details.

The works contain mysterious but identifiable forms like rounded rooms, confetti in the wind, hooded figures, pool tables, ladders and roads which share the space with twisting and organic unidentifiable forms. This delicate relationship between the known and unknown, ensures the viewer feels comfortable and familiar while cultivating desire for the unique artefacts captured. By turning inwards unto himself, Sleepr has tapped into universal elements of the unconscious and expresses these with vigor, excitement and novelty. In total, 55 works from Sleepr have been released worldwide.

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