Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Xen in the style of Colorful 3D Modeled Art.


Xen is an Interdisciplinary Visionary Artist/Multi-Instrumentalist, Music Composer & Sound Healer creating Holographic Trance Guides & Binaural Beat Infused Psychoacoustic 'Awescapes', Inspired by Organically Induced Psychedelic Visions & Deep Meditative Explorations of 'The Subtle Energetic Realm'.

A Seasoned Traditional Artist & 25 year Professional Digital Art Veteran, an Intrepid Traveler & Avid Internal Martial Arts/ Yoga practitioner, Xen draws from a wealth of eclectic interests, disciplines & experiences, bridging the Spheres of Art, Philosophy, Music & Spirituality, while utilising established resonant nomenclature, combined with an Intuitive Poetic Style to articulate the nuances of his own Psychonautical Expeditions &Discoveries, & expound several original contemplative theories regarding the Nature of Perception, Consciousness & Manifest Reality.

Aesthetically, Xen's artworks are rendered in a Vibrant, Hyper-Realistic style, laced with Intricate Spectral Filagree & Bathed in Rich Ethereal Atmospheres, Harkening to an Ecstatic, yet Serene Revelatory State, Beyond that of the Waking Physical Senses.

Expect to see Radiant Bodhisattvas Cloaked with Iridescent Elemental Garments, Winged Inter-Dimensional Beings composed of Pure Starlight, Totemic Spirit Guides Gliding through Electro-Plasmic Oceans of Ancient Temple Ruins in Mist Filled Atlantean Dreamscapes.

Transfigurative Sacred Geometries & Symbolic Crystalline Structures, Levitate & Transmutate, in Profound Permutations, while Deep Reverent Chants & Angelic Choirs Align, with The Vibrational Pranic Gateways to The Thrones of The Divine.

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