Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Hayley Rincon in the style of Colorful 2D Illustration / Digital Drawing / Painting.

Hayley Rincón

Hayley is a professional tattoo artist of over 15 years residing in the Bay Area California.

Only recently, early 2021, I started on a healing and visionary journey, taking a look at love, the soul, consciousness and the ineffable truth. Now my creations have turned into more expression through digital and fine art mediums. I use complicated color blends to create an emotional and familiarity. My visionary pieces are abstract maybe a little surreal and of the psychedelic nature. Currently using Procreate but plans for the future include more of the animated and trippy Visual sorts. I feel my true purpose is to create and share beautiful visions of the unknown and take you on a visual journey in the hopes to connect you to your higher self and realize your own artistic potential.

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