Unspeakable Experiences
Visionary artists are often inspired to create by their own life-changing experiences. These paradigm-shifting events occur when in an altered state of consciousness, often induced by techniques such as deep breathing, meditation & yoga, consuming various mind-altering substances, even stress, or sleep deprivation.

Although these states are often difficult to describe with words, these artists have adapted the pen, the paintbrush, and the pixel to depict these inspiring memories.

Beneath the colorful, kaleidoscopic, trippy art are deeper meanings of interconnectedness, love, perspective, and understanding - as well as hidden dimensions and intelligent beings. Truly beautiful and mind-blowing!

171 Visionary Artists

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Psych, Psyche, Psychological, Psychedelic, Psychic, etc.

Psych comes from the Greek
psykhe, which means 'the soul, spirit, mind, or invisible animating entity which occupies the physical body'.

Psy-art is an alternate term for visionary art, or the art that 'portrays a wider vision of awareness, including spiritual or mystical themes'.
Non-Fungible Token, a cryptographic asset on a decentralized blockchain with it's own unique identifier code & metadata.

Artists 'mint' NFTs so that
authenticity, ownership, and transaction history of the artwork is publicly available and verifiable by anyone. NFTs can serve as an 'access pass' to unlock exclusive content, and are connection points for communities and organizations.
The domain extension of the crypto, web3, and NFT community. It symbolizes decentralization and a step into a community-owned world.

As a whole, PsyNFT is a collective of individual visionary artists, coming together to create something greater than themselves.

Xyz is a way to symbolize this 'individual-yet-connected' aspect of this artist collective.
History of Visionary Art
The origins of visionary art can be traced back to the earliest forms of human expression, such as in cave paintings and other prehistoric art. In these early artworks, artists often depicted animals, landscapes, and other elements of the natural world, which they believed to have had a spiritual or magical significance. Over time, as human societies evolved and developed, so did the forms of art that they produced, but art of visions remained.
In the Ancient World...
Visionary art took on many different forms, depending on the culture and the time period. In ancient Egypt, art was often used to depict the gods and goddesses of the pantheon, as well as to illustrate stories from mythology and religious texts. In ancient Greece and Rome, art was valued for its aesthetic beauty and its ability to inspire wonder and awe. It was also used to depict the human form, often in a highly idealized and symbolic way.
Cave Painting
DaVinci SacredGeometry
In the Middle Ages...
In Europe, the Christian church became a major patron of the arts, and religious themes and imagery were prevalent in art of the period. Artists like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci created works that explored the human form and the mysteries of the universe, causing us to question the nature of reality.
In the Modern Era...
In the 19th and early 20th centuries, artists like William Blake, Salvador Dali, and Gustav Klimt created works that explored the imagination and the inner world. In the 1960s and 70s, the psychedelic movement brought a new wave of interest in visionary art, with artists like Alex Grey and Robert Venosa exploring alternate states of consciousness and the potential of the human mind. Today, visionary art continues to thrive and evolve, with artists around the world using a variety of mediums and techniques to express their visions and inspire others.
"The artist's task is to save the soul of mankind..."
- Terence McKenna

Visions of the Future

Looking forward

In the Bible, visions were often described as an encounter with God or some divine entity.

In the context of spirituality, today a vision is something seen in a dream, trance, religious experience, or even psychedelic experience - usually communicating an important revelation or idea. Some visionary artists have 'visions', others do not.
Visionaries are people who imagine a potential future with 'original' ideas. They see the world through their own unique lens, are able to help others to see their vision, and are able to make their vision a reality.

Visionary artists are those who help others to see their vision through a visual medium.
At the heart of it all - each artist visually translates their own perception, and calls into question the very nature of the reality we all share. Each work is an exploration of consciousness.

PsyNFT's mission is to spread the beauty and meaning of visionary art throughout space and time. 🌟‍
Future of Visionary Art
As more people experience altered states of consciousness, visionary art as a field will expand in a continued exploration of what it means to be human, considering the possibilities of experience that are available to us. As humans look inwards and explore their own inner worlds, visionary art will prevail.
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