Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Sunterry in the style of Colorful 2D Illustration & Painting.

Sunterry Art

Sunterry, known for his intense visuals of psychedelic flashback material, is bringing mind-bending concepts to life in his mixed media artworks.

The name is Santeri "Sunterry" Karte and I'm a self-taught visionary artist and psychedelic fiction writer from Finland. I started to take my art seriously in 2019 after my first visionary journey where I was hurled into hallucinatory landscapes and greeted by strange beings. After this I started to obsess about replicating these visionary states and saw it as an exciting challenge to overcome. I try to make my pieces thought-provoking and relatively complex. So I usually write a short story to describe what's going on in the piece to help the viewer delve deeper into the artwork and the concept it's presenting them. After starting this artistic journey, I've been in a constant creative frenzy and there are no signs of stopping in sight! I love seeing the visionary art community grow each year and I hope my art will find the eyes of all the psychedelic black sheep of the world. We are not alone in our passion.

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