Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist 3Bak in the style of Dark or Colorful 2D Illustration / Digital Drawing / Painting.

3bak Art

Eric “3Bak” Tresback is a self taught artist that has been into creative pursuits since childhood.

With a history of wanting to be a cartoonist his current work displays elements of mischievous characters enveloped in surrealistic environments, painted traditionally in acrylics and oils and now branching into the digital medium. He’s shown work at many local galleries in Downtown Los Angeles and has spent time doing live art at varying festivals such as Lucidity, Serenity Gathering, and Symbiosis. Continually trying to evolve and improve his style, his efforts to put these interdimensional hybrid beings into ever stranger environments will if nothing else be quite interesting to follow.

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