Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Marso in the style of Colorful 2D Illustration / Digital Drawing / Vector Lines.


Born and raised in the Philippines; Digital-illustrator Marso finds comfort in the geometric lines of her colorful universe, creating a series of illustrations that resonate with the open-mindedness of the soul.

She considers her art to be her sanctuary. As a shy introvert and someone struggling with social anxiety and OCD, she finds peace and control through her unique precise flow of lines that makes her art so significant.

She mostly likes to spend her time alone thus, she created a world where only happiness, rainbows, and kindness exists. She believes that energy is contagious and through art, she hopes to give out an optimistic sunshine radiant energy to anyone who sees and appreciates it.

In 2021, after more than 5 years in the creative industry, Marso left her day job as a graphic designer to pursue her passion for creating personal projects and exploring the NFT space, making her mark as an outstanding NFT artist.

As an independent artist early in her career, Marso was featured in numerous projects and collaborations in the NFT space such as “One song a day” by Jonathan Mann, World of Women, and Deadfellaz. She hopes to create life-fulfilling projects in the NFT space through her art where she can use its utilities to help promote mental health awareness and end the stigmas of it.

When not at work, she enjoys watching movies all day and looking for new hiphop music.

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