Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Marc Salamat in the style of Colorful 2D Illustration / Digital Drawing / Painting.

Marc Salamat

For Marc, his artwork reflects his personal beliefs and life philosophy.

The making of his masterpiece, Samadhi, coincided with a period in his life when he was seriously pondering the meaning and purpose of his life, leading him to embark on a spiritual journey. He was deeply fascinated by the Sanskrit term, which, for many, has profound spiritual significance—encompassing self-realization and symbolizing the ultimate connection with the Divine. Indeed, Marc himself claims that direct translations of the word vary, ranging from bliss, to liberation, and even enlightenment. Marc’s Samadhi shows the artist’s creative discovery regarding existence: humanity is part of nature and we should embrace natural life processes that help evolve our consciousness. He hopes that his work of art renders this physical and spiritual discovery in a way that may be explored by his audience.

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