Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Matik in the style of Colorful 3D Modeling / Design.


Constantly tinkering away out of curiosity and deep seeded propulsion to create, whatever the medium.

Matik is a multidisciplinary artist from the Sunshine Coast of Australia, first emerging onto the downbeat electronic music scene as producer Sun in Aquarius in the early 2000’s he performed at festivals all around Australia such as Rainbow Serpent and Earth Frequency before eventually touring the North America in 2012, supporting artists like Tipper, Opiuo & Spoonbill along the way.

He is the founder and operator of Enig’matik Records, an experimental label focusing on twisted sound design, releasing many highly underrated producers along the way, as well as spearheading sound design collaborations with respected companies such as Twisted Tools & Glitchmachines.
Beginning to create experimental 3d art for his own label he later branched out and began working with producers all around to the globe on record label art, currently having worked on over 400 projects over the last 10 years.

Matik’s art is inspired by surreal and dystopian landscapes, splattered with sci fi design aesthetics and a constant drive to explore new creation techniques.

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