Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist BlobsOfColor in the style of colorful digital art.


Howdy! I am a hippo that identifies as Karl residing in Austin Texas and have been creating "hand-made" vector graphics since 2002.

As a child I would draft up ideas for fake video games, and in 2005 started my visionary journey and my inner mind's landscapes began to alter.

These days I do my best to create elaborate experiences of the ineffable, utilizing pareidolia and dateless iconography conjured from within. I include writings for my intricate pieces that add to the viewer's encounter, often trying to bridge estranged concepts that provoke unique thoughts. Every day in our lives we constantly feel a need to be oriented, and all need more reminders that it's okay just to exist and breathe a little deeper. My larger pieces come from a place within my mind where the concepts of time have been severed and orientation no longer has to do with what one need to do tomorrow, but what all living organisms are doing invariably and do not realize.

I aspire to form a physical visionary collective in Austin Texas and plan to do my best to help other artists trying to make their way stay on path. With a background of web development and graphic design, I find some online tasks easier than others just getting into the whole realm. I am venturing more into the world of physical pigments and hope to install murals all over our little planet.

While I feel my doodles are my most noticeable "style", I am constantly pushing my boundaries as an artist with what my next piece will unveil. Onward to bigger and bolder visions!

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