Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Igba in the style of Colorful 2D / 3D Digital Illustrations.


Igba - Professional artist since 2005.

Painting, graffiti, tattoos, digital art penetrated Igba's heart. Passion for anthropology, spiritual practices, as well as medical education have shaped his creative path . And are the main themes of artistic works. Images of fictional subjects in the style of cubism, abstract works on canvases, pouring out a storm of emotions. Surrealistic artworks with secret messages. In his paintings, Igba seeks to convey emotion, fantasies . He often uses many fragments showing diversity. At the same time these disparate parts form a unified picture. My task is to touch the deeper aspects of the human personality, to reveal the energetic basis of man through art. Where in the future new technologies will unite with spiritual teachings to create a prosperous civilization.

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