Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Swayatra in the style of 2D Illustration / Digital Drawing / Painting and 3D Modeling.


Swayatra - A multidisciplinary artist drifting and swirling in the sacred geometrical space

With an education in industrial design she started in Mumbai an industrial designer for six years. She always used to come back from office and create art  for her soul happiness. 2017 led her to Vaayu for an art residency program, the experience which reinforced her passion in the field of visionary art. She quit her job soon after to follow her passion and since then life has been showing her paths to follow.  After her move to Goa she explored various mediums to spread her vision. From working as a decor artist, creating wooden installations to making digital art, Swayatra doesn’t shy away from expressing her inner self in the most dynamic ways. Her dreams came into being when she was invited by EDSA to join his team to design and execute, Boom Festival 2018, Modem 2019, Shankra 2019.

Her work is deeply driven by sacred geometry and patterns, and a desire to spread beauty, joy, care, sacredness and oneness through the coalescence of her vision and iridescent imagination. Currently she is exploring her creativity at Momento Demento Festival, Croatia.

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