Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Bear From Void in the style of Colorful 3D Modeling / Design / Animation.

Bear From Void

Translating the subconscious into geometry. In a constant mental tug of war between a bear and a golden retriever.

Hey there! I am Bear From Void, a game developer turned visionary artist. Ever since I discovered the magical world of technology and games, my curiosity has led me further down the 3D rabbit hole. From low geometry boxes for game design to highly detailed animations and creature designs for mixing visuals, my love for art has allowed me to bring my ideas from weird thoughts into reality. My intention with every piece is to make people smile and wonder in their own minds. With several ideas already alive, and many more to come, I hope you enjoy tagging along with me on this unusual journey. P.S. I love tunnels and aliens

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