Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Kridhan in the style of Black and White 2D Illustration / Digital Drawing


Kridhan has explored several facets of his craft by dabbling across themes like abstract geometry, existentialism, creation, and spirituality.

His parallel careers as an experimental music producer and a holistic mental wellness professional have significantly influenced his approach towards art, and his work has been showcased at world-renowned music events across the globe such as the Esoteric Festival, Chillout Shed, Bicycle Day, and Draweedian Gigs.

Growing up in Bangalore, popularly referred to as India’s garden city, Kridhan was always drawn to art and was fascinated with the idea of geometry. A four-year stint as a construction cost consultant didn’t deter him from pursuing his passion. His curiosity soon led him towards sacred geometry and mandalas, and their meditative qualities, which significantly enhanced his own life.

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