Visionary Art created by a Psy NFT Artist Kamora Jones aka ArtSoldier77 in the style of colorful digital illustrations with light language.


Kamora LaRoyce Jones @Artsoldier77 was born in Las Vegas, Nevada (November 3rd, 1977) and has been creating art since the age of 3.

Her youth was spent learning to draw from life and imagination and visualizing spiritual concepts. In 2017, Kamora and her wife had a few significant metaphysical experiences. In 2016 Kamora started remembering a vision from her childhood, which led her to study concepts in reincarnation and consciousness. After having the experiences in 2017, she opened up to the energy that brought her to where she is today. The art of The Transmigration Series is directly inspired by those experiences, an Akashic reading, other spiritual experiences, meditations, channelings, and trances that help her understand the importance of the soul's journey.

Kamora prefers sketching her concepts with graphite on paper or digitally with her Wacom Cintiq in Clip Studio Paint, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, or Procreate. Graphite sketches are always digitized, edited, colored, and manipulated to create the final pieces. Quite often, Kamora will draw and paint digitally to keep the lines and values of each composition harmonious and refined. Kamora works with many analog and digital visual art mediums, including 3D modeling/sculpting and motion graphics tools like Adobe After Effects. During the week, Kamora also works as a Senior Graphic Artist for an international gaming manufacturer. Kamora is inspired by metaphysical, new age/spiritual, psychedelic, classical, modern, and contemporary visual storytellers.

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